Thursday, 2 November 2017

New release - The End Of The Yeti

The next book in the Brimstone Witch Mysteries is now available and it's free today and tomorrow - 2nd and 3rd November.

Cassia and Stanley are ordered to visit Brimstone Mountains to check on the residents and to make sure they are all getting along. It’s here that they meet a friendly yeti called Leonard who lives in a cave at the bottom of the mountains. He’s a gentle soul and Cassia and Stanley immediately warm to him.

The Brimstone Mountain Festival is taking place and Cassia is asked to judge the competitions. There’s a joyful atmosphere and it’s obvious the residents are a happy bunch who get along well. All thoughts of her recent murder investigations are pushed to the back of Cassia’s mind as she enjoys the festivities.

Until something dreadful happens.

When the Festival is over, Cassia and Stanley return to Leonard’s cave to bring him gifts from the festival. They are shocked to find his dead body lying on his stone bed. Leonard was a kind soul who never upset anyone, so who would commit such a terrible crime? Cassia and Stanley are determined to find the culprit.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Murdered Mermaid and a new box set

Book 6 in my Brimstone witch mystery series is now available. It's free today and tomorrow: 4th and 5th October.

The Murdered Mermaid

To Cassia’s surprise, she discovers that Brimstone has a beach. With the help of another witch, she is taken to the beach to meet the supernatural creatures there. It’s not long before Cassia picks up on the uneasy atmosphere and feels something tragic will happen soon.
The tragedy manifests as the murder of a mermaid called Nerita. Not only does Cassia have to deal with this new murder, she is confronted with other problems including some haunting moments from the past.
As the investigation progresses, Cassia’s only course of action is to put her life in danger.

I've made a box set of the last three stories and this is free today and tomorrow too.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

A Trip To Rome

I was lucky enough to go to Rome recently. It's a beautiful place and I thought I'd share some photos with you:

Pizza - of course

St Peter's Square inside The Vatican

In the photo below, you can see a white gazebo. The person in white sitting in the shade is the Pope! I was very surprised, and delighted, to see him

The amazing interior of one of the museums at The Vatican

Our apartment was at the side of these steps. The wall at the top is the outside of the Vatican City and we could hear the bells ringing out every 15 minutes.

The Coliseum - the floor has been exposed to show the tunnels underneath where unfortunate people/victims would wait

The Spanish Steps and The Trevi Fountain (I threw 20p in)

Ancient ruins where it's said Julius Caesar died. It's now a cat sanctuary. We went inside and saw the 130 rescued cats who are now well looked after. They were mainly inside when these photos were taken but we saw the odd one prowling around.

Pompeii! With Mount Vesuvius in the background in the last photo

There are amazing site wherever you go in Rome - here are some more

I had an amazing time and had more than my fair share of pizza and gelato. As the saying goes, 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do.' And I did.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Murder Of A Werewolf - Audio Book

I'm delighted to announce that there is now an audiobook available for 'Murder Of A Werewolf'.

I've been working carefully with the narrator on this project and she's done a wonderful job.  I'll put the links to two Amazon stores here but it is available at all of them.

Friday, 1 September 2017

The Silent Banshee - free today and tomorrow

The fifth book in the Brimstone Witch series is now live! It's free today and tomorrow - 1st and 2nd September.

The Silent Banshee:

Cassia Winter is a witch. With the help of her cat, Stanley, she investigates crimes in the magical town of Brimstone. This story sees them dealing with the death of a banshee called Dana Murphy.

On the morning of her death, Dana Murphy’s dying scream produces a huge amount of energy that rushes through the town of Brimstone. The energy makes its way to Cassia’s world and sends her flying off her feet. Upon entering Brimstone, Cassia is told that as the town banshee, Dana predicted many deaths - but apparently not her own.

Cassia and Stanley investigate Dana’s death and are confronted with the grim reality of how she died. They discover that more than one resident in Brimstone had a reason to put an end to Dana’s special talent.

As well as dealing with the murder investigation, Cassia is confronted with help from an unlikely source. Stanley immediately feels uneasy, and that unease grows as they delve further into Dana’s murder.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Cover Reveal - The Silent Banshee

Book 5 in the Brimstone Witch series will be released in the next week or two. Here's the cover:

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Best Free and Bargain Cozies

One of my favourite authors, Leighann Dobbs, has set up a website where she lets you know about the best free and bargain cozy mysteries for that week. I think this is a great idea and I've just signed up to her newsletter.

Here's the link if you're interested:

Here are some of the books listed so far:

You'll find more books and the links to stores on the website:

New release - The End Of The Yeti

The next book in the Brimstone Witch Mysteries is now available and it's free today and tomorrow - 2nd and 3rd November. Cassia a...