Tuesday 7 April 2020

A New Psychic Cafe Mystery - Death Of A Psychic

I've got another book out in the Psychic Cafe series. The title is Death Of A Psychic. I hasten to add that the psychic who dies is not Karis!

The book is available for 99c for the next week. Here are the details:

Theodosia frowned at the cards. “Just a moment. Let me think.” She became silent. “Ah. Yes. Now I can see it clearly. You’ve already experienced a loss, but you’re not aware of it yet.”
“The loss of what?”
“Your gift. Your psychic gift. Karis, it’s gone forever.”

Psychic Theodosia Baker holds an event at the café which Karis co-owns with her sister.
Karis doesn’t appreciate the impromptu reading which Theodosia gives her and doesn’t believe her words of doom.
It’s not long before Karis gets a vision which shows Theodosia being murdered.
Despite Karis warning her fellow psychic about the murder, Theodosia refuses to take any action because she thinks Karis is lying.
Alas, Karis’ premonition soon comes true and Theodosia is found murdered at her home.
As Karis looks further into the murder, she discovers Theodosia was a scam artist who preyed upon people’s insecurities for financial gain. Some of those people she’d tricked had been at the café on the night of Theodosia’s visit.
Did one of them kill the psychic?
Karis voices her concern to the police, but the new police inspector refuses to think the psychic’s death was anything other than an accident.
Despite how she felt about Theodosia, Karis feels obliged to find out who murdered her.   

I've also made a box set of the latest batch of stories:


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