Friday, 26 May 2017

Free Short Story - The Leprechaun's Last Trick

I've just published a short story and it's free everywhere:

The Leprechaun's Last Trick

Cassia and her gran are witches. They investigate crime in the supernatural town of Brimstone.

Breccan McCoy turns up at Gran’s door one day to inform her of a murder – his murder. Gran didn’t trust Breccan when he was alive; she trusts him even less now that he’s a ghost. However, Cassia insists they help him as a murderer could be on the loose.

Gran and Cassia head into Brimstone with the ghost of Breccan McCoy at their side. They soon find out Breccan played a nasty trick on a resident before his demise. But was that the only trick he played?

Thursday, 25 May 2017

A Day Out In York

I don't live far from the historic town of York and I had a lovely day out there yesterday. The weather was beautiful and I went on an open-top bus and a river cruise. One of the things that came up often about York is that ancient bodies are often found when foundation are dug for new buildings! 

Clifford's Tower - some history of it here

I saw many ducks and geese with their offspring.

The round building is a cafe. I had a lovely coffee and caramel shortbread there.

Inside the cafe.

The lovely River Ouse

The impressive York Minster in the background.

More of the Minster

The narrow streets of York

The Shop That Must Not Be Named - full of Harry Potter merchandise

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Next Book Cover Reveal - As Dead As A Vampire

I've just got this cover back from my designer and I had to share it. I love it! I've made a start on this story and the new cover has inspired me to write it quicker. I estimate I should have it finished and released within 2/3 weeks.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Murder Of A Werewolf

My book is now live on Amazon! I've priced it at 99c for a few days and it's also in Kindle Unlimited.

I've put the links to 2 Amazon stores under the book cover. If your country isn't listed, click on any of the links and you can get to your country that way. (I hope that makes sense.)

Murder Of A Werewolf

A Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Brimstone - a town where supernatural beings live - and where crime is on the increase.

Just like her gran, Cassia Winter is a witch. The Winter witches are responsible for investigating crimes in Brimstone. The only problem is, Cassia doesn’t know she’s a witch yet.

When Gran tells Cassia about her true nature, Cassia dismisses it as nonsense. But a terrible incident causes Cassia to change her mind. With her cat, Stanley, at her side, Cassia enters Brimstone and is soon investigating the murder of a werewolf.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Book Cover Reveal And A Preview

My new book should be published within the week, but I can show you the cover now:

You can get a preview of the first three chapters at Instafreebie

I hope you like it!

Friday, 5 May 2017

A Magical Walk

I'm about ready to publish my first book in The Brimstone Witches series. I need to do more editing and proofing before it goes live on Amazon.

In between writing, I like to go on walks near my home. One particular woodland area has been renovated by local volunteers and they've done a wonderful job. Here are some photos:

This is a beautiful blossom tree that I managed to capture before the blossoms blew away.

This is a local cemetery which is over 100 years old. You can see the newer headstones at the front and the older, Victorian ones at the back. Again, this area is looked after by volunteers.

New Brimstone Book - The Satyr's Secret

The next book in my Brimstone Witch series is now out! It will be 99c for a short while. Amazon Com Amazon UK Barnes and No...