Tuesday 26 November 2019

Brimstone Box Set - Books 1 to 13

Presently, I have thirteen books in my Brimstone Witch series, so I've decided to put them in one big box set which works out much cheaper than buying them individually.

Tuesday 12 November 2019

New Psychic Cafe Mystery - A Tragic Party

I have finally written the next story in the Psychic Cafe series! The title is A Tragic Party, and it's available at 99c for a short while. This one involves the death of a clown. Here are the details:

Karis Booth uses her psychic powers to solve another murder, with help from her friend and neighbour Peggy.

On a Sunday afternoon, a child’s party is held at the café which Karis owns with her sister. Just before the party commences, Karis experiences a psychic vision in which she sees a shadowy figure tumble down the stairs in the café — apparently to their death.

Concerned for the safety of their party guests, a watchful eye is kept on the stairs to make sure no one uses them. But that doesn’t stop a man falling down them a short while later. The man - a clown called Dazzle - survives the tumble.

As the party begins, Dazzle proceeds to insult one person after another. And not long after, Karis discovers his dead body in the kitchen. The police think he died as a result of a burglary gone wrong. But Karis knows Dazzle was murdered, and with help from her friend Peggy, they set out to prove it.


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