Monday 4 February 2019

New Brimstone Book - The Missing Unicorn

The next book in my Brimstone Witch Mysteries is now available. The price is 99c/99p until 8th February. I hope you like it!

The Missing Unicorn:

A dead unicorn.
A missing body.
A whirlwind marriage.

They’re all connected to an ancient ritual which has suddenly been revived in the magical town of Brimstone.

Suspecting the unicorn was murdered, justice witch Cassia Winter begins her investigation. Her cat Stanley is right at her side.

Their investigation leads them to a town full of conniving characters and shady deals. Does the murderer live amongst them? If so, how are they connected to Brimstone and the ancient ritual?

As they investigate, Cassia and Stanley realise the killer could be closer to home.

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